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1    What information do I need in order to order my glasses?  FAQs

You will need to provide us your prescription information and a measurement called pupilary distance (P.D.) See Prescription Information for further instructions on both of these items. You will get this 'Rx form ' from your Optometrist. Just fill in the blanks in our order system and we will customize your eyeglasses to your prescription - of course you will also need a valid credit card!

2    Can I buy frames without lenses?  FAQs

Yes, you can buy frames without lenses. However, we prefer to place your prescription lenses in your new frame in order to completely oversee the entire process. At Wholesalespecs.com all the frames go through a final alignment and inspection after the lenses are inserted into the frame.

3    How do I know if the lenses are right for my eyes? Or you have supplied the correct order?  FAQs

The laboratory has been running for 23 years and has 4 registered optometrists on site, so mistakes are rarely made. Your lenses are made exactly according to the prescription written by your doctor which you entered into the prescription page of our website. A certified lab technician certifies each pair of eyeglasses to ensure the accuracy of the prescriptions and the proper alignments of the frames, before the eyewear is sent to you. If you feel dizzy or you get headaches attempting to adapt to the new prescription, first check the confirmation of order form that was generated for you, when you submitted your order and payment. We assume accurate prescription information from you when you fill out the order. If this confirms the prescription, then consult your eye doctor. To prove if there is a prescription mistake made by us. Take your glasses together with the prescription to your nearest optical store and they will be glad to help you verify your glasses are made according to the prescription. If you find that we have made a mistake and customized your glasses with the wrong prescription just post it back to us within 30 days and we will replace them with the correct ones free of charge.

4    What if I entered some of the information incorrectly ?  FAQs

Please send us an email immediately. Since we start to produce the glasses typically within the same day, it is very important that you are careful when typing in your prescription. We cannot change the order or pass a credit if we are not notified by email within 24 hours.

5    How do I fit my glasses if there is a problem?  FAQs

Although our lab technicians apply a final alignment to your frames prior to shipping it is possible that a minor adjustment may be needed. You can either try this yourself or walk into any optical shop and have a eye care professional adjust the frames for you . Most optical shops will do an adjustment for free.If you have bifocals and need to raise or lower the frame for optimal use of the near lens try adjusting the nose pads so that the frame is higher or lower.

6    What if I cannot find the frames that I want?  FAQs

All our eyeglasses are made of the latest materials that are light, high quality and leading edge. Our brands are designed by the top hot eyeglasses designers from many countries such as Italy, Japan, France ...etc, but we can only supply the frames and lenses that are displayed on our website. They are made by top designers but you do not pay for a name.This allows us to keep prices down by purchasing these in large bulk so we can supply you the guaranteed highest quality for the lowest price for your new frame.We are continually adding to our range of frames and lens so keep watching.

7    How long does it take to receive my eyeglasses?  FAQs

There are 3 stages in executing your order, but complicated orders may require longer : Stage 1; Order received and reviewed by our Optometrists - 5 to 48 hours Stage 2 Lens crafting, mounting and eyeglasses packaging - 5 to 8 days Stage 3 Shipping by registered airmail - 7 to10 days

8    What kind of lens options do I have?  FAQs

Our high tech laboratory has the ability to produce the thinnest lenses available on the market today (Hi-Index Lenses). We offer anti-reflective coatings (Glare-Free coatings), which is perfect for computer use and night driving and we offer free hard scratch resistance coatings on ALL our lenses. In addition, for those sensitive to bright lights, or those in the mood for one pair of eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses; try the new technology Transitions Lenses. They will go from clear indoors to dark as sunglasses outdoors. We also offer Polarized lenses for those that want better contrast for water activities or snow conditions. Polarized lenses act like vertical blinds on your windows. We offer UV coatings at very low cost on all of our lenses In addition, we offer 27 colored lenses for sunglasses and tints from light to dark.

9    Can I get bifocals or progressives (invisible bifocals)?  FAQs

Absolutely!! We can put progressives or bifocals into your own frame or into most of our own frames providing the lens has sufficient fitting height. Wholesalespecs.com offers a wide range of progressives to fit your needs.

10    Do you accept Credit Card payment?  FAQs

Yes, we do. We accept Visa and Master Credit Cards and PayPal . We do not accept American Express at the moment

11    Can I use my contact lens prescription to purchase eyeglasses  FAQs

No. Your contact lens prescription and eyeglass prescription are different, though they might seem the same to you. Our recommendation is that you get a separate eyeglass prescription from your doctor.

12    I am new to PayPal, How can I pay by Credit Cards via PayPal?   FAQs

Yes Click this PayPal link to learn how to register and pay by Credit Cards on PayPal

13    I made a mistake entering my order. How can I correct it?  FAQs

Immediately email us so that we can rectify the situation. A email with a copy of your order is sent to you within 24 hours asking you to verify your information. All orders are processed rapidly so please contact us immediatly if you find you made a mistake. We ask that you please double-check your prescription and shipping information prior to submitting your order. Wholesalespecs.com do not offer refunds on lenses if you supplied the incorrect prescription information or if you supplied incorrect shipping details.

14    Cylinder, Axis and Add were omitted from my prescription. How should I complete the prescription entry?  FAQs

Not all prescriptions have Cylinder, Axis, and Add. This would mean that you do not have an astigmatism correction (Cylinder and Axis) and you do not have a reading addition (ADD). If your doctor omitted this information, leave the fields blank on the prescription form.

15    Do your lenses have different Index of Refractions?  FAQs

Yes we have a large range of lenses CR39 Lenses = 1.50 Trivex = 1.52 Polycarbonate = 1.59 CR39 Transitions® Lenses = 1.50 Plastic Prescription Sunglasses Lenses = 1.49 Thin High-Index Lenses = 1.61 High-Index Transitions = 1.67 Super Thin High-Index Lenses = 1.74 Super Thin High-Index Lenses for strong RX = 1.8 even 1.9 is available! Usually the thinner the lens the higher the index

16    How do I go about measuring my pupillary distance (PD)?  FAQs

Its much more accurate if you can get a friend to to this for you. To find your pupilary distance (P.D.) take an ordinary rule and rest it on the top of your nose and measure the distance, in millimetres, between the centres of your two pupils (black spots in the centre of your eye). The number should be somewhere between 40-90 millimetres. Most peoples PD is 63.Enter the P.D on the prescription page. To see how wide your face is, just look in the mirror with an ordinary rule resting on the top of your nose and measure the total width of your face

17    The optician measured my PD and gave me two numbers. Which should I enter?  FAQs

If the Optician or Optometrist has given you two numbers for your PD, then you have both distance and reading PD, - or near and far PD. Usually there is a difference of 2 between the two readings. You will notice you eyes go squint when you look at a a pen that touches your nose, so the PD is closer Example: 63-61 The higher number is for distance and the lower number is for near vision reading only. Example: 31.5/32.5 Your PD was taken monocular (one eye at a time) --first number is right eye OD --second number is left eye OS. If this information was provided to you, put it in customer notes on the order form and we will use it to make your glasses. We will use the near PD measurement for your reading glasses.

18    If I break a lens can it be replaced?  FAQs

Yes of course - just send us a message with your old order number used for the glasses originally and we will quote you a price to replace the lens.You can then post your old glasses to our factory and they will fit the lens to your frame and shipped the new glasses back to you.

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